Tea Kettle Cleaning Process

I think without any tea kettle there isn’t found any kitchen now-a-days. Tea is very popular drink in our society. I hope you agree with me that in every kitchen varieties of tea prepare in a day. After long time use, some white chemical called limescale is situated inside the kettle’s bottom and spout. This time it’s not easy to clean up the dust because it is harder than the others. If you let this situation continue for long, your kettle’s life becomes shorter. That’s why you have to know the exact Tea kettle cleaning process. Here I’m going to share with you a very effective but no extra hazard process, hope you will be beneficial.

What is Limescale and what does it do?

It is a common issue that after using any types of kettles there’s buildup white calcium gradually. Specially when you use hard water, the process takes place quickly. Because you know that the normal drinking water carry some minerals. When you boil it for some moments water getting transfer to steam but the minerals still stay on the bottom of the kettle. Moreover some minerals like magnesium and calcium naturally remain on the surface of a kettle after pouring the water into it. Then they gradually buildup and form minerals deposit called Limescale. Naturally you can’t distinguish the minerals but after a period of time you see them as strong coating on the bottom of kettle. This time it’s not so easy to clean up the deposit at all.

After long time staying on any kettle’s bottom, this limescale can create heath issues and can change the taste or color of the water into that kettle. Moreover it can shorten the life of the kettle if neglected for long time. So you need to clean the Limescale from your kettle immediately.

Tea Kettle Cleaning Process Against The Limescale:

The Limescale deposit of calcium, magnesium and the others minerals of water can gradually buildup on the bottom of every types of kettle like electric kettle or stove-top one. This deposit causes different bad issues you know, so you should take effective step to descale it as soon as possible.

There are lots of descaler medicines in the market but all are neither safe nor so effective. But The easiest and perfect way is that the kettle should be clean by ‘white vinegar’ or citric acid which is got from lemon juice. Because naturally Calcium and lime buildups can be dissolved with mild acids such as white vinegar and lemon juice.

tea kettle cleaning process

The above mentioned process described step by step here:

Required items: Bottle of White Vinegar, Soft Sponge, Soft Cleaning Cloth, Soft Water, Dish Soap,Measuring Jar(optional)

First Step: At first you need to unplug your electric kettle or shut down the source of your stovetop. Let the kettle be cool. Wash the outside of the kettle with soap and sponge to remove the grim and grease of the kettle. Remove the lid and clean the kettle with normal water. If the kettle has any filter, remove it according to the manufacture’s instruction. Rinse the filter properly with warm water and dry it before reset the filter. Remember any kind of electric kettle shouldn’t be touch with water.

Second Step: Take the measuring jar and fill its 3rd portion out of 4th with fresh water. Then put one table soon white vinegar into the jar. Besides measuring jar you can take water half of your kettle. The mixer ratio will be 3:1 (water:vinegar). After mixing properly, pour the liquid inside the kettle. Now you need to boil the mixer for 5 minutes. Then keep it rest for reacting the acid of vinegar with the limescale for 30 to 60 minutes.

You can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar with water. Because the ‘Citric Acid’ can break down the limescale. The ratio will be 3: 2 (Water:Lemon Juice).

Third Step: After the mentioned period of time, you can clean the bottom of the kettle with soft cleaning cloth. Then discard the liquid from the kettle and rinse it with normal fresh water again and again. When you feel the kettle is clear and there isn’t any odor of vinegar remain then dry it properly. If you want can boil some fresh water in the kettle for few moments to remove the odor of vinegar completely.

By this tea kettle cleaning process you can descale your kettle successfully. Repeat the routine in every month and enjoy the fresh and flavorful beverage regularly.