How to clean Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowl is the most necessary utensil of your kitchen. You use it for many purpose such as make batter for cake or cookies, mixing fruits salad, mixing vegetables for curry etc. It’s a fact that you can’t spend any day at your kitchen without a mixing bowl.

You use different type of bowls like ceramic bowl, glass bowl, stainless steel bowl or plastic bowl etc. You need to clean your bowls properly because it directly related to your food and health. That means clean mixing bowl means a lot for your cooking and for your health directly. That’s why it’s very important to know the real process and to the right washing materials as well.

  1. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl:

It’s very easy to clean Stainless Steel bowls by dish washing liquids. If it gets oily or junk ed, you can use vinegar and then wash it by qualitative detergent. Instead of using vinegar alone it’s better to use soap and slightly warm water.

Alert: You can use lemon juice instead of vinegar but shouldn’t be clean ruffly with hard brush.

2. Glass Mixing Bowl:

Glass bowl cleaning is so easy than the others. You can clean with soft detergent, soap or others dish-washing bar. Use only soft brush. If it gets oily then use lemon or vinegar.

Alert: Don’t use hot water to clean any glass bowl.

3. Ceramic Mixing Bowl:

Use only soft detergent to clean ceramic mixing bowl regularly. Clean properly with normal room temperature water only.

To remove deep stains from your dishes, you’ll need to use Baking Soda to dissolve the stain so that it can be washed away. It is a popular and convenient option and is significantly less caustic than industrial solvents.

Alert: Chlorine bleach, or any product containing it, should not be used on ceramics or glazed china, as it may interact with, and ruin, the glaze.

4. Plastic Mixing Bowl:

You need to be little bit more careful when wash any Plastic bowl. Because it gets stain deeply with oil, food color etc quickly. it’s surface and body color would be damage with harsh brush and detergent powder.

That’s why use only soft liquid detergent and . Using a clean dish rag or scouring pad . You can use Oxygen bleach (usually used for laundry) powder to remove deep stains from the mixing bowl.

Alert: Don’t use warm water or Chlorine bleach . It’ll discolor the bowl and remove the gloss on surface.

Now, you know that how to clean different type mixing bowls effortlessly. So, you should clean your mixing bowls in a proper way, so that it looks beautiful for long; don’t cause any health damage; don’t change the color of ingredients into it; keep hygienic for all time in the kitchen or dining .

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