How to Clean Plastic Food Storage containers

You have a variety of plastic food containers at your kitchen for daily purposes. They are beautiful in design and available in different sizes.  Qualitative and BPA free plastic containers are hygienic and prefect as fresh storage for long time use. But the mater of cleaning the food storage plastic containers, it would be little bit difficult to do so properly. Because they keep the bad odors and they become sticky after long time use too. That’s why we are going to disclose some secret remedies to clean plastic food storage containers completely within few moments. 

How to clean Plastic Food Storage Containers:

Here we have followed three effective policies to clean plastic food storage containers.

  1. By using Vinegar
  2. By using Baking Soda
  3. By using Chlorine Bleach

Here’s the whole process how you can clean your containers by using the above mentioned liquids are as follows:

By using Vinegar

Vinegar is very effective liquid as cleaner and disinfectant. It’s naturally antimicrobial so you can use it to kill any type of bacteria.

Before wash, remove the cover of the container and pour warm water into it. So that the stickiness is decreased quickly. Then take inch of vinegar for not so much sticky container otherwise take vinegar more than that.  Fill the container with white vinegar and keep it to soak for minimum 30 minutes. Vinegar’s acidity will break down stain and remove persistent odors. Then wash the container with clean water. In this way you have to wash all the covers of the containers.

Another way, take a large bowl with warm water and pour one tea spoon white vinegar into it. Then keep the sticky plastic containers into the bowl. Wait at least 30 minutes then you can use soap and clean water to wash it properly.

By using Baking Soda

Baking soda is a useful ingredient in the kitchen for making tasty food. It’s also use as good cleaner against oily dust, stain and odors on any utensils.

At first make a thick past with soda and warm water. Take two table spoon of soda and one-fourth cup of warm water into a pot. Then mix properly till it makes a thick past like butter. If the consistency becomes thin, add some soda on it or if it becomes thicker then add spoon of warm water. If you need to clean multiple plastic containers then take more amount of soda and mix with warm water.

Now put the thick past on the plastic container from top to bottom. Let them soak overnight or at least 1-2 hours. Next morning you’ll get the container odor and stain free without scrubbing it.  For more satisfaction you can wash them with soapy water at last. Then let the container dry and store them neatly.

By using Chlorine Bleach

When all the above method fail to cut the old stain and odors from the plastic container then use this formula with Chlorine Bleach. Chlorine Bleach is a highly toxic chemical which can be much effective than the others solutions. But it’s harmful for your skin so wear gloves when using the bleach.

Make a liquid mixer with little bit bleach and 250 ml warm water. Then whisk the liquid smoothly. Then pour the mixer into the container, cover it tightly and then shake carefully. Let them soak for at least 1 hour so that the acid can cut the worst odors and stain properly. Then wash the container with soapy water. Dry them completely and then store them into shelf for next uses.

So, these are the easiest and effective ways to clean plastic food storage containers from worst odors and stain. Be alert on the measurement of the ingredients you like to use. Use food graded best plastic food containers for long time.