15 Best Kitchen Knife Sets for Your Home

A well equipped kitchen makes your cooking enjoyable. That’s why you spend lots of money to buy useful accessories like cutlery and knife sets. There are lots of best kitchen knife sets in different categories. But all types are not necessary for you. Some are best for chopping meat, some work with peeling fruits and vegetables. On the other hand some knives can be used for multiple purposes. The knife sets included number of knives with different sizes and shapes. So you should buy the set that consists of the items which are important for you. In this way you can safe money and keep your kitchen organized without  the bunch of unnecessary cutlery accessories.

Collection of Best Kitchen Knife Sets

Some times it becomes more difficult to chose the best kitchen knife sets. Because maximum sets are not complete with its knives to solve maximum kitchen jobs as you require. But if you going to buy single knife for different purpose it may cause more financial lose for you. On the other hand it makes your kitchen messy. Some renowned brands provide knife sets which are attractive,qualitative, super sharp, long lasting as well as doing multi tusk. The following collection is arranged with those well-known brands’ best kitchen knife sets.

1. Chicago Cutlery Fusion Block Set – Best Kitchen Knife Sets

You know all Chicago Cutlery are special for its sharpness and durability as well as its exclusive design. Chicago Cutlery Fusion Block Set is really a complete set of stainless steel knife. There are 3.25″ parer, 3″ peeler, 5″ utility, 8 – 4.25″ steak knives, 7.75″ chef, 8″ slicer, 7.75″ bread, 5″ partoku, 7″ santoku, 8″ stainless sharpening steel knife.

best kitchen knife sets,Chicago Cutlery Block Set

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More over it has a black and comfort-grip poly handle which makes a proper balance to hold and work with it. Its specialty of its endless sharpness. With the Taper Grind edge technology it has optimum sharpness for precise cutting and easy to re-sharpen. On the other hand its professional high carbon stainless steel forged blades creates harder blade resisting from stains and rust. So that you can use the knives roughly.

Main Features:

The set combined with 3.25″ parer, 3″ peeler, 5″ utility, 8 – 4.25″ steak knives, 7.75″ chef, 8″ slicer, 7.75″ bread, 5″ partoku, 7″ santoku, 8″ stainless sharpening steel. Its professional high carbon stainless steel forged blades provide life time service and creates a stronger blade resisting from stains, rust and pitting. It has a black comfort-grip poly handle which allows for a sturdy grip on all knives.With the Taper Grind edge technology it has optimum sharpness for precise cutting and easy to re-sharpen. Its stainless steel plates at the end of the handle convey sleek and contemporary styling.

2. Rouxberry Premium – Ceramic Knife Set with crafted Bamboo Handles

If you want a classic, super sharp and safe knife set for your kitchen, your best choice should be Rouxberry Premium-8pc-Ceramic Knife Set. All the knives of this set are perfect in its size and sharpness so that you can cut your fruits, vegetables or boneless meat easily.

This is the classic, smart, safe moreover economic set with ceramic blade knives as well as crafted bamboo handles. Sepcially I like its white super sharp and light weighted blade cause I can cut anything like fruits, vegetables or meat with it smoothly and safely.

best kitchen knife sets,Rouxberry Premium White Blades

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Its easy grip comfortable bamboo handle attract me much to buy the set. This ceramic blades are long lasting than stainless steel cause it not effected by rust. It has superior edge retention technology that help me more at my busy hour in the kitchen and I can cut anything quickly as well as safely. Not only that its BPA free black blade covers help me to keep the set into my kitchen drawer safely.

The blades are less porous so that I can use a single knife for different purposes and they won’t transfer one’s taste to other. The ceramic blades do not oxidize foods they cut. Moreover it’ll be an awesome gift for any occasion with its excellent gift box. But it’s necessary to take of the ceramic knives because it is more brittle than stainless steel.

Main Features:

It is an absolute set with white ceramic blade, crafted bamboo handle and BPA free black blade covers. The set is included 1- 3″ Fruit Knife, 1- 4″ Paring Knife, 1- 5″ Santoku Knife, 1- 6″ Chef Knife. Its ceramic blade are extremely sharp so that you can cut fruits and vegetables as well as boneless meat smoothly. Its crafted bamboo handle is easy to grip and makes a balance so that you can hold it for long and cut everything safely. On the other hand the bamboo is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and sustainable. Though the knives are sharp, its  superior edge retention technology makes a balance to cut anything safely and you need less sharpening than stainless steel. The ceramic blades do not oxidize foods they cut. This is a quality set that will stay sharp much longer than stainless steel cause it’s free from rust. The knives can be clean by dishwasher at home.

3. 14 Pc Stainless Steel kitchen Cutlery Knife Block Set – 8″ Chef, Bread, Carving, 5″ Utility, 3½” Paring, 4½” Steak Knives, Scissors, Sharpener Stand

This is a complete knife block set with different types useful knives, Scissors and a sharpener stand. All are made of strong heavy duty restaurant grade # 430 stainless steel. So  it will provide long time services without tarnish, rust or corrode. The knives comply with certification from FDA, – LFGB, – SGS for the home and commercial use. The set has a sharpener for protecting your knifes and keeping them razor sharp for long.

best kitchen knife sets

Main Features:

  1. A beautiful kitchen collection with 8″ chef, 8″ bread, 8″ carving, 5″ utility, & 3½” paring knives for food prep and serving. Plus 6 – 4½” steak knives, and 8″ kitchen scissors, 8″ sharpener and an acrylic block stand.
  2. All blades of knives and scissors are made of strong heavy duty restaurant grade # 430 stainless steel. So all the metal body will never tarnish, rust or corrode.
  3. The knives comply with certification from FDA, – LFGB, – SGS for the home and commercial use.
  4. All knives are lightweight with its tapered handles fit perfectly in your hand to maximize control and ensure comfort when you’re cutting, slicing, mincing and chopping vegetables and fruit. Geared for any food type including meat, sushi, butter, salad dish & cakes etc.
  5. The set is well constructed and modern designed, no health hazard moreover the beautiful design box ready to be gifted.
  6. You will get a sleek sharpener for protecting your knives and keeping them razor sharp use after use.
  7. Do not use dishwasher. Hand-wash only.

Main Features:

  1. Well designed, constructed with high quality stainless steel and laser finished for a smooth clear grain finish of the blade
  2. Professional knife set – 5 different Stainless Steel knives, sharpener, safety finger guard and cutlery stand
  3. Just the right knife for any task: 1x Chef Knife, 1x Carving Knife, 1x Bread Knife, 1x Utility Knife, 1x Paring Knife
  4. Provide a knife sharpener with two sharpening modes (fine and coarse sharpening).
  5. Includes a safety finger guard, and elegant acrylic stand
  6. This comprehensive and adjustable set is suited for amateurs and professionals alike


Home Hero Stainless Steel Block Kitchen Knife Set includes five different smart knives. These knives made of high quality stainless steel so provide you long time services.

  1. Chef Knife: A multi-functional knife with curved blade allowing the user cuts chops and slices any kind of produce with ease.
  2. Carving and Slicing Knife: Easier to cut smaller and thinner slices of meat and fish, it is also ideally suited for cutting ham, roasts or barbecued meats.
  3. Bread Knife: Its scalloped and serrated blade cuts bread, burgers and pizza clean and effortless.
  4. Utility Knife: This typed knife is used to cut fruits and vegetables and remove fat or sinew from meat.
  5. Paring Knife: This knife is perfect for peeling, trimming and segmenting fruits and vegetable.

Knife Sharpener: The set provide a high quality sharpener with two sharpening modes, precision angle guides, and a V-Grip bottom for the use on an edge or counter. Its soft grip handle allows for control and comfortable use – also for lefthanders.
Finger Protector: To keep your fingers save, the set also comes with a finger protector.
Knife Stand: This stand holds up to five knives and keeps your kitchen clean and orderly. Internal enclosures prevent damage to the blades.

5. Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set, Bright (6 knives and 6 knife covers)

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Main Features:

  1. 12 Piece Knife Set- 6 knives and 6 knife covers.
  2. 6 different knives made of high quality stainless steel blades.
  3. Non-stick color coating for easy slicing.
  4. Color coding protects cross-contamination during food preparation.
  5. Comes with matching blade guards and ergonomic handles,Style-conscious hues.
  6. Set Includes: 8″ Chef Knife, 8″ Slicing Knife, 8″ Serrated Bread Knife, 7″ Santoku Knife, 6.5″ Utility Knife, 3.5″ Paring Knife.


Cuisinart Advantage professional-quality stainless steel knives are very smart. The well constructed Stainless Steel Blades have a cutting-edge, nonstick coating that makes slicing easier. The nonstick color coding protects cross-contamination during food preparation. Moreover, these premium knives come with matching blade guards and ergonomic handles.

6. Bluesim Chef Kitchen Knife Set 5 Piece with case box Includes Paring Utility Carving Serrated Knives

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Main Feature:

  1. A complete kitchen knife set of 5 pieces knives with case boxes includes Paring Utility Carving Serrated Knives.
  2. Made from 420 grade 3Cr13MoV Stainless steel.
  3. Provide long time services without rust.
  4. Its ergonomics handle, helps you to cut easly and more efficiently.
  5. Easy to clean with soap and water
  6. Try to keep dry after wash and use the cases after wash.
  7. Included 1*3.5-inch paring knife, 1*5-inch utility knife, 1*8-inch carving knife, 1*8-inch bread knife, 1*8-inch chef’s knife. Excellent knife set for handling all sorts of fruits, vegetables and meat.
  8. Provides lifetime free replacement guarantee for your kitchen knife set.

7. Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set –Sharpener – 6 Knives – Chef, Bread, Carving, Paring, Utility and Santoku Knife

This Pure Stainless Steel 6 pieces knife set with a quality sharpener is a complete set for your kitchen. All knives made from fine quality 3CR13 stainless steel coupled with laser finish, giving the blade a smooth, clear grain finish. Its nonstick sharp blades and ergonomically designed handles feel you comfort to cut anything and clean up easily. There isn’t any health risk though its six excellent color coating protect cross-contamination during food preparation.The Sharpener has two sharpening modes for blunt knives to be used every 6 months or so and a fine sharpener for regular use and maintenance of sharp blades.

best kitchen knife setsSee Best Price & Detail

Main Feature:

  1. Complete 6 pieces Kitchen Knife Set includes: 4 inch Paring Knife, 5 inch Utility Knife, 8 inch Carving Knife, 8 inch Chefs Knife, 13 inch Bread Knife and 7 inch Santoku Knife, 2 Stage Professional Knife Sharpener, 6 blades guards.
  2. Made of fine quality 3CR13 stainless steel coupled with laser finish, giving the blade a smooth, clear grain finish.
  3. Its nonstick coating makes it easy to cut with each knife and makes it easier to clean up.
  4. All these knives are dishwasher free.
  5. The ergonomically designed hollowed Polypropylene (PP) handle fits perfectly into the curve of your hand
  6. The Sharpener has two sharpening modes for blunt knives to be used every 6 months or so and a fine sharpener for regular use and maintenance of sharp blades.
  7. The chef knife is suitable for a variety of tasks from cutting meat and fish to chopping fruits & veggies.
  8. The utility knife is great for chopping lettuce or slicing chicken fillets.
  9. The carving knife cuts smaller and thinner slices of your favourite meats & fish.
  10. The Bread knife is best for bread slicing.
  11. The paring knife used for small fruits and vegetables.
  12. The santoku knife similar uses to the Chef knife, but its blade has a Granton’ edge on it for easy food release.
  13. Provide refund and full time replacement guarantee.

8. Kitchen Knife Set 3 Piece by Sharp Solutions – Kitchenware with a Wooden Box and a Sharpener

Sharp Solution Kitchenware provides an exclusive knife package for your kitchen including three different categories knife in an extraordinary Wooden Box.

The Kitchen Knife set is included with 7 inch Santoku Chef knife, 8 inch Carving knife and 5 inch Utility Knife.

All of knives in this set has super sharp non-stick blade. That’s why they are more durable and useful for long time. They are forged From 3CR13 Stainless Steel, Sand Polished for Outstanding Sharpness as well as Hardness.

best kitchen knife sets

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The innovative design and improved material are the specialty of this Kitchen knife set by Sharp Solution Kitchenware. It has delicate and classy handle which is very flexible and balanced in your hand. The handle of the knife is made of Polypropylene (pp) material that makes your jobs effortless.

The Extra attraction of this kitchen knife set is its handmade Wooden Box comes with a Sharpener on the edge of the box. So that you can easily sharp your required knife before using it. The handmade wooden box is designed accurately for your kitchen cabinet so that you can store it easily.

Moreover all these non stick blades and polypropylene handles are very easy to clean up with dishwasher.

The set has 5 years warranty and 24/7 customer support.

9. Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set – 4 Knives Plus Holder

Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set is included by 4 different shaped and unique ceramic knives. All knives have extremely sharp blades for precision cutting of different kinds of fruits and vegetables. These are perfect for delicate cutting. Though the blades are not so flexible but all are very strong and durable.

The Checkered Chef Ceramic knife is very attractive in design. With its comfort-grip handle it is very easy to hold and safer to use regularly. In this set you get 4 ceramic knives like 6, 5, 4, 3 inch. It has stunning black and silver holder and a stainless steel scissors as a bonus.

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It is very economical because you get 4 extremely sharp, durable and well designed 4 knives in this set. But it is impossible to buy stainless steel knife set with the same quality by the same price.

Ceramic blades do not corrode or rust, and resist bacteria, making them a healthier and more hygienic choice. They do not react with food acids, keeping your food safe from oxidation and bacteria for longer.

10. Wusthof Gourmet – 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

Wusthof Gourmet 4 Piece Steak knife Set is included by Four 4-3/4 inch knives for cutting steaks, chops, roasts into bite-size pieces

These Knives made of high-carbon, stainless steel blade and moderately priced. They are easy to sharp well as more durable and reasonable for being an excellent collection of your kitchen.

best kitchen knife sets

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Gourmet Series knives have encase full-tang, three-rivet, virtually indestructible poly handles which is easy to grip, soft and safer as well as very attractive. It is stronger and more sanitary than wood.

Gourmet Series blades are cut from steel sheets by precision lasers. That’s why they are perfectly shaped and fit their handles seamlessly. All the steak knives in this set have straight edges so that easy to slice steak, chops and roasts into small pieces.

The steak knives in this set are dishwasher safe though all are recommended by hand wash to protect their edges.

The Wusthof Gourmet steak knives are so attractive and useful that you can gift them easily to any of your dearest person. Its elegant black presentation box makes it more adorable.

 11. Top Chef by Master Cutlery – Knife Set of 15 Pieces

The Top Chef by Master Cutlery, 15 piece knife set is a complete package of cutlery for your kitchen. All these knives feature an ice-tempered stainless steel blade with precision cut sharpened cutting edge and its hollow ground reduces sticking.

In this 15 pieces knife set there are 7 inch Santoku Knife, 5 inch Satoku Knife, 6 inch Filet Knife, 8 inch Chef Knife, 8 inch Bread Knife, 3.5 inch Paring Knife, Shears, Sharpening Rod, 6 Steak Knives. Though they are all made of ice-tempered stainless steel blade are very sharp and more durable. If you little bit careful there wouldn’t be any rust on it. So you can use them roughly.

best kitchen knife sets

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The knife of this Top Chef by Master Cutlery has a full steel handle with seamless bonded and polished bolsters. So you can grip this non sleepy handle easily as well as it can make good balance to cut anything effortlessly. They are safer, hygienic as well as good looking.

This Stainless Steel Top Chef set included those knife items can fulfill all requirement of your kitchen. Moreover you get a sharpening rod and scissors and a very useful wooden block. So it can be an attractive gift to your dearest one within a reasonable price.

Taking care of these knives with precision cut sharpened cutting edge are very easy. All are dishwasher safe and hand wash recommending. There is a wooden block to keep them in organize way so that can find out when necessary.

12. Mercer Culinary Genesis – 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set

The perfect shaped all knives in Mercer Culinary Genesis Block Set are made of High carbon, no-stain German X50 Cr Mo V15 cutlery steel resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration. So they are really long lasting and easy to store.

The excellent Knife Set is included by super sharp five of the most popular Genesis knives and a striking tempered glass knife block. They are the 3 ½ inch paring, 5 inch utility, 8 inch chef’s 8 inch bread and 6 inch boning knives.

best kitchen knife

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The perfect Mercer Culinary Genesis 6 Piece Set has the precision forged construction which ensures its better strength and durability with full tang.

Every knife of this Set has the long lasting stability, easy honing and endless sharpness with its Taper-ground razor-sharp edge as well as High Carbon and no-stain German Steel blades.

The knife has Ergonomic Santoprene handle which is very comfort and non-slip grip. It provides a safer balanced even when it is wet and is able to withstand hot and cold temperatures in the kitchen.

You can easily store the knives with its glass block and all they are very stylish as well as durable. You can clean them with dishwasher but hand wash and dry them as usual. As a result the knives will be long lasting.

There’s get a bonus offset utility knife (not shown).

The perfect shaped all knives in Mercer Culinary Genesis Block Set is NSF certified with a Limited Lifetime Warrany.

13. J.A. Henckels International 39323-100 Steak Knife Set, 4.5″ Original Version

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14. DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set – Gladiator Series – Straight Edge – German HC Steel – w/Sheaths

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15. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Gourmet High-Carbon Stainless Steel Steak Knives, Set of 4

kitchen knife sets

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The ZWILLING TWIN Gourment Classic line features precision steel and a single piece stamped construction. ZWILLING Special Formula, high carbon no-stain steel blades are FRIODUR ice-hardened to be durable, stay sharp, and not rust. Classic Triple Riveted Handle for comfort, durability and strength. Made in Spain, lifetime warranty.

  • 4-1/2-inch serrated blades slice steaks, chops, roasts
  • Made of high-carbon stainless steel with synthetic handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Spain
  • Lifetime warranty against defects

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